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It’s not just what I do, it’s why I do it: Passion

I’m extremely passionate about social media marketing, social business strategies, and love helping people understand the importance of social business transformation for their company’s long-term success.  Rapid technological advances, transformations in media, and societal transitions have resulted in the metamorphosis of marketing which I find exhilarating. I’ve enjoyed being on the cutting-edge of “adaptive marketing” and defining marketing strategies that enable engaging consumers on a one-to-one basis. The days of the shotgun approach to push marketing have given way to strategies much more surgical and precise in nature. Very cool! Social media monitoring and analytics provide extremely relevant data and insightful knowledge, which allows organizations to be well informed and make data-driven decisions. Providing clever strategies to effectively analyze and leverage this vast amount of information from the social Internet that leads to increased ROI is part of how I provide tremendous value to companies — value that well exceeds the investment in my services. When it comes to helping companies generate revenue and increase earnings, my passion may be more of an obsession, because I absolutely love it!  (You’ll see…)

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Experienced Thought Leader

In 1986, I began serving as the VP of Marketing & Sales / co-CEO for the start-up company that developed the leading PC data communications software program, ProComm, which was back in the days of the 1200 baud external modem and Bulletin Board Systems. (Who remembers the BBS, CompuServe and Prodigy?). This was five years before AOL for DOS had even launched. I’d already been heavily involved in online marketing for eight years prior to Netscape coming onto the scene during the spring of 1994. Since that time, technology has advanced rapidly allowing operational efficiencies, more effective marketing, and more marketing accountability. Marketing is every bit as exciting to me today as it was well before the inception of the web browser!

A Decade of Sustained Growth

I served as the VP of Marketing and co-CEO for Datastorm Technologies, Inc. from when it was a raw start-up operating in the living room of an apartment. Datastorm grew through 40 consecutive profitable quarters, reaching #376 on Inc. Magazine’s list of the 500 fastest growing companies in the United States. I led Datastorm to achieve $50 million in annual revenue with over 70% market share, through the company’s lucrative acquisition in 1996 by a software company that was publicly-traded on the NASDAQ exchange. I simultaneously oversaw all aspects of the corporation’s international affiliate company, Datastorm Technologies, Ltd., located in Cambridge, United Kingdom.

Insightful Knowledge

People have been telling me over the last few decades I am unique since creative people generally don’t have my level of business acumen; or that business people with track records of success like mine are not very creative. The combination of innate creativity, learned business skills, a wealth of experience, and a zealous passion for marketing are a few of the attributes that truly set me apart. Applying creative thinking to complex marketing issues enables fresh idea generation which has allowed me to excel in branding, key messaging & positioning, product launch, product marketing, traditional and digital marketing. Over the years I’ve developed keen insightful knowledge — knowledge you can benefit from right away.

Proven Capability

I have more than 20 years of experience as a senior-level marketing executive with a solid track record of success as a VP of Marketing / Chief Marketing Officer / Executive Consultant. By building the ProComm software program into a global brand, I earned a reputation for producing profitable results. ProComm was published in 11 languages, had over 70% of the global market share in its niché according to the leading industry research firms, (Forrester, IDG, Gartner, etc,).  ProComm is the world’s best-selling PC data communications software program of all time, (and eventually became part of Symantec’s product line).

International Expertise

My expertise in branding, positioning, social media marketing, social media strategy and analytics is recognized internationally.  I’m regarded as a creative visionary for companies in need of the best available thinking for their strategic marketing initiatives and quick, salient responses to changes in the competitive landscape as these situations arise.  My wealth of experience has given me the ability to provide the keen insight and analysis necessary to conceptualize the effective strategies crucial to help organizations confront today’s complex business challenges.  My visionary marketing strategies help clients realize their business objectives.

Branding and Razor-Sharp Positioning

Developing effective strategies for launching, positioning, branding, defining the proper marketing mix, etc., for over two decades, I well know there is little room for error in the fast-paced 21st century global marketplace.  Building and maintaining main-stream market acceptance requires razor-sharp positioning.  I am an expert at building the complete message architecture necessary to effectively communicate your position and brand, and leverage product and company positioning to build brand equity.

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Critical Thinking

Making strategic marketing decisions in an atmosphere of increasing time pressure, uncertainty, global competition and conflicting opinions, creates challenges for all companies. My critical thinking skills focus on re-framing issues so the proper areas of marketing are addressed – distinguishing systematic patterns from random events, and emerging trends from passing fads.  Thinking outside the box is no longer good enough.  This video clip is an amusing depiction of how I utilize my passion-driven, inspired creativity to “cross the streams” mentally, which enables me to formulate strategies and define accompanying inventive tactics.

VIDEO: “Cross the Streams!”

Intellectual Creativity

Today’s corporations face challenges unfathomed just a few years ago. Traditional business approaches and methods are increasingly ineffective, inappropriate and sometimes even detrimental. The new world belongs to those who can jettison obsolete thinking and rapidly create new ideas and marketing initiatives. I am highly respected for my proven imaginative, “color outside the lines” mode of thinking, practical strategies and inventive tactics which provide increased levels of awareness and interest, more mind share, ‘buzz’ via word of mouth exposure, and positive brand equity, which lead to incremental revenue and growth.

Providing Solutions

As a seasoned veteran with a tremendous base of knowledge and a proven track record, I am committed to solving the marketing challenges facing clients today. For years, I have been acknowledged in the media and recognized by industry experts for my marketing prowess. I offer the benefits gleaned from my experience and wisdom to organizations, providing the momentum to evolve and prosper in today’s rapidly changing global marketplace.  My solutions will stimulate innovation leading to new insight and sharpen the competitive edge within your organization. My creativity can lead to increases in your earnings.

…content with your current levels of revenue and profit?

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