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Built a Global Brand
40 Consecutive Profitable Quarters
Thought Leadership
MBA: Marketing and eBusiness

Stephen Monaco - Biography

For 20+ years,  Stephen Monaco has been known and respected for his strong acumen as a senior-level marketing and management executive.  He has tremendous  intellectual ability, remarkable creativity and great vision.  He  enjoys serving as a mentor to members of executive management teams, their staffs, as well as to friends and colleagues seeking the guidance from someone who keeps his finger on the pulse of a number of issues.

Monaco is ranked in the Top 25 on 2013 list of the "Global Top 100 Social Media Agencies and Consultants" and is also consistently ranked highly on the "Top 100 Marketers to Follow on Twitter"

Integrated Marketing Expert & Social Business Strategist

Stephen Monaco is the founder and CEO of Evolve Adaptive Marketing, LLC and provides executive-level strategic corporate and functional marketing consulting services to organizations from early stage companies to the Fortune 500 internationally.  Here is a partial list of sectors where he has experience:  social media marketing, social media strategy, data analytics, utilities software, electronic software distribution, paid Internet search, e-commerce, enterprise software, Internet content, direct marketing, entertainment, mergers & acquisitions, alternative energy, disaster recovery.

Here's a link to some of the companies where Monaco worked as an employee, or served as a VP of Marketing / Chief Marketing Officer; or functioned on a consulting / advisory basis.

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Developed Global Brand

During the period from 1986 to 1999, Stephen Monaco held the positions of co-CEO and Vice President of Marketing (1986-1996) and Executive Consultant for Datastorm Technologies, Inc. (1996-1999; post-acquisition)  – a leading developer and publisher in the highly competitive fields of data communications, remote and Internet software.  His creative marketing prowess is the driving force behind the world's best-selling PC data communications software of all time, the global brand, ProComm.  ProComm was published in 11 languages.  After its original release in English, the second language ProComm was published in was Japanese – via the joint venture with IBM Japan that Monaco negotiated for Datastorm at age 26.

Monaco defined company strategies and successfully built Datastorm from a raw start-up to $50 million in annual revenue with 70% global market share, though its acquisition by a publicly-traded company.  Datastorm experienced 40 consecutive profitable quarters!   While at the helm at Datastorm, Monaco led a team of over 300 employees in the United States and Europe; and simultaneously held the position of Managing Director at their international affiliate company, Datastorm Technologies, Ltd. in Cambridge, England.

Early Marketing Career

In Stephen's early career, he held marketing positions at Warner Bros. Television, International TV Distribution in Burbank, California, and Creative Communications Group in Dallas, Texas.

Media Experience

Monaco had the honor of being a special TV guest on “Panel of Pundits,” part of TechTV’s “Silicon Spin” television program hosted by PC Magazine’s, John C. Dvorak.  He has also been the featured guest on the “Buzz Marketing” episode of the radio program, “The Brand Show.”  Additionally, Stephen has been an on-air guest with Rick Dees on the internationally syndicated radio program, “Rick Dees and the Weekly Top 40” and on The Bob Pritchard "No BS Business" radio show on the VoiceAmerica Network.

In addition, Stephen hosts his own weekly talk radio program, "Rockin' Marketing and Social Media" on the Everything Talk Radio network.

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Since 1988, he has been interviewed by the print news media numerous times and have been the topic of feature articles in daily newspapers, as well as in business journals and industry trade publications.

Author / Columnist / Public Speaker

Stephen's book, Insightful Knowledge:  An Enlightened View of Social Media Strategy and Marketing, was published in hardback in February 2013.

Stephen writes the column, “If You Mean Business...” for the Advertising Industry Newswire in Los Angeles.  His article from September 2011 on social media strategy and listening platforms, "Effective Strategies and Knowledge-Driven Decisions Increase ROI" was republished by  Bloomberg / Business Week.

Monaco has contributed to “Marketing Thought Leaders” published monthly by the American Marketing Association.   His article, “A Change Would Do You Good” (prompting sales-driven companies to change their mentality to become marketing-driven) was published by The Marketing Executives Group International in February 2010.

Some of what he writes is posted in his blog .

He is a public speaker on topics including social media strategy, social media marketing, integrated marketing, branding, innovation, and entrepreneurship; and can be booked for public speaking, contract training, on-site seminars, and public seminars.

In early December 2012, Stephen spoke on Social Media Strategies at the Digital Media Summit in the Grande Hall at Union Station in Dallas, where he shared the stage with executives from Google, YouTube, Twitter, Reddit, Dell, and AMD.  Two days after his talk @StephenMonaco was one of the Top 10 names mentioned on Twitter.


As an undergraduate, Monaco studied at the University of Missouri - Columbia.  After years of success in the "business world" he decided to pursue a masters degree in 2006.   Monaco graduated in 2008 with an MBA from the University of Wales, Cardiff in the United Kingdom with concentrations in both Marketing and eBusiness.  The topic of his Masters Dissertation was an analysis of the impact of the Internet and social media on mass media.  The conclusion of his Masters Dissertation includes recommendations of best practices for utilizing social media monitoring to engage customers via direct dialogues and empower brand ambassadors, with special emphasis on the Millennial Generation.  Social media marketing is a subject Stephen began researching independently in 1997.

Intrigued and inspired by the writings of John Hagel III and Peppers & Rogers published that year, Monaco began intensely researching the feasibility of using the Internet to build not just relationships via on-to-one marketing, but social communities, and implementing customer experience mapping.  He founded Evolve Internet Marketing in 1998, which is now known as, Evolve Adaptive Marketing, LLC.


Stephen's successful positioning and pricing strategies from Datastorm Technologies are utilized as curriculum in  graduate-level marketing courses.

He is a long time member of the American Marketing Association, and is listed in the 2005-2006 Edition of "National Register's 'Who's Who' in Executive Professionals," and in the "1999 Encyclopedia Yearbook of Experts, Authorities and Spokespersons," as a marketing expert.

Over the past twenty years, Monaco has had the privilege to serve as a director on numerous corporate boards and several advisory boards, and currently serves on a handful of boards.


Due to his  intellectual curiosity and insatiable thirst for knowledge,  Stephen is a voracious reader of non-fiction.  Stephen is particularly interested in tracking trends where business and technology intersect with pop culture.  Monaco is a "classic rock" music trivia buff.  His favorite spectator sports are football and basketball; both collegiate and professional.

He is married to Michele, the wonderful lady he met while attending college in Los Angeles who also happened to grow up in Kansas City.  They have a son who recently graduated from college, and a daughter in nursing school.

Random Notes

The passion Monaco exudes is the reason people say he has the charisma and working style that evokes confidence and creates clarity of purpose in executive teams and focus throughout organizations.  He is known for being a strategic thinker and a very effective communicator with a wide breadth of knowledge and wisdom who achieves extraordinary results.   He is also known for maintaining impeccable standards of ethical conduct, and refuses to do anything to compromise his personal integrity.   While he is a private person, at the same time his life is an open book.  You can ask Stephen anything; just be prepared for an honest answer.  Monaco will not tell you what he thinks you want to hear.

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