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Insightful Knowledge

An Enlightened View of Social Media Strategy & Marketing

Whether you are a novice or a self proclaimed expert, buy it! It is very appropriately called, Insightful Knowledge.

King R. Lee President and CEO,
Good Technology, Inc.

This is one of the best business books written in years!

R. Otto Maly President & Director
Special Projects, Kroenke Holdings

Packed with case studies and practical tips, the aptly named Insightful Knowledge is a must read for marketing professionals.

Kerry Gorgone, JD, MBA – Social Media
Professor, Full Sail University

About The Book

An Excellent Business Guide for the Thorough Comprehension and Execution of Social Media Marketing and Adapting Into a Social Business!

Social media has changed the game, and mastering all aspects of social media marketing is absolutely crucial. Social media marketing has gone from a “nice to have” to a “must have” — the ability for companies to succeed online is no longer a viable option without it.

Social media marketing is essential to organization’s long- term survival.

Top marketing expert and social business strategist Stephen Monaco guides you through the strategies and marketing tactics that make up the best practices for successful social media marketing, and all the components interrelated to social marketing initiatives.

You won’t just understand all aspects of social media marketing: You’ll use them to increase growth and revenue!

This Book Will Help You…

  • if you don’t know where to start with your social media initiatives
  • if you’ve started your social media initiatives but don’t know if you’re on
    the right track
  • if your social media initiatives aren’t tied to specific business objectives
  • if you don’t use social media monitoring / listening platforms tools
  • if you don’t know what consumers are saying about your brand online
  • if you’re not engaging consumers with relevant content across multiple
  • if you no longer know how to reach potential customers
  • if the rapid tempo of today’s business makes it difficult to adapt to change

Book about social media marketing for business.

Praise for Insightful Knowledge

Stephen Monaco, grand master of guerrilla marketing and one of the true marketing pioneers of the early years of the tech business continues to amaze me. This guy is for real and he did in fact write the book on social media strategy! Whether you are a novice or a self proclaimed expert, buy it! It is very appropriately called, Insightful Knowledge

King R. Lee – President and CEO, Good Technology, Inc.

This book is full of impressively powerful guidance based on real experience and tremendous success. Insightful Knowledge will sway doubting executives to the ways of adaptive marketing, persistent listening, and comprehensive voice of customer initiatives. This is one of the best business books written in years!

R. Otto Maly – President & Director of Special Projects, Kroenke Holdings

Stephen Monaco delves deep into the changing landscape of social media, delivering insights into how today’s consumers interact with brands across channels. From social networks to social TV, he distills a vast amount of theory into powerful nuggets of marketing strategy. Packed with case studies and practical tips, the aptly named Insightful Knowledge is a must read for marketing professionals.

Kerry Gorgone, JD, MBA – Social Media Professor, Full Sail University

We can’t market the way we used to. As Stephen Monaco shows us in Insightful Knowledge, if we’re not successfully using social media we cannot succeed. Monaco gets us up to speed as quickly as possible. From listening to customers, to measuring, to calculating ROI, Monaco guides us to successfully marketing with social media. Change has already happened; the question is: “Have you adapted?”

Jonathan Peters, Ph.D. – International Persuasive Communications Expert, Author of Cavemen Can’t Market

Since 1987, Stephen Monaco has been in the trenches of online communities utilizing the strategies and tactics that now considered best practices for social media marketing to build a global brand. In Insightful Knowledge, Monaco generously shares the methodologies he has employed, and I continue to see how these can be implemented to grow my clients’ revenues and brand.

John Strosahl – VP of Global Revenue, Digital River, Inc.

I have known Stephen Monaco for 25+ years. He is always on the forefront of market trends. Stephen blends some very important elements in this must read book. He is a marketing pundit, and provides rock solid advice based on his real-world success. Insightful Knowledge correctly focuses on business outcomes, and more importantly the bottom line.

Nick Vedros – World Renowned Commercial Photographer, Public Speaker, Founder and CEO, Vedros & Associates

I jumped at the chance to read this book and was rewarded with, as the title says Insightful Knowledge and a clearer understanding of the need to understand engagement. If you want to understand how to use the medium for maximum effectiveness, Stephen Monaco provides the why and how on the ins and outs of social media marketing in a straight-forward manner that can be put to use immediately. Reading this book once will not be enough. It will become your reference on how to engage on the Internet in an effective and productive way.

John Butterill – Founder, Virtual Photo Walks

Social media is the most powerful business and marketing tool ever developed. Yet research shows the vast majority of CEOs believe their organizations have only rudimentary knowledge of how to use social media. In my experience, working around the world, I have found no one who has the strategic knowledge of social media marketing that Stephen Monaco has. Insightful Knowledge is the social marketing strategy bible, an absolutely essential read for everyone in business.

Bob Pritchard – The Business Leader’s Advisor, International Business Speaker, radio host of business talk show; and Best-Selling Author of Kick-Ass Business & Marketing Secrets: How to Blitz Your Competition

Stephen Monaco doesn’t just talk social media, he lives it! He knows what works and why, and in this book he shares his secrets with you. You can follow one of the top marketing experts on Twitter (which he is!) but why not drink from the fountain itself? Do not pass go without reading Insightful Knowledge if you want to be and stay relevant in today’s world! What are you waiting for?

Paige Arnof-Fenn – Founder and CEO of the global strategic marketing firm Mavens & Moguls writer for Forbes

The world of marketing and PR has changed dramatically in just a few years and social media is now the lynchpin in any successful marketer’s strategy.  In his new book, veteran marketer Stephen Monaco provides a detailed roadmap and handbook to using social media marketing in this digital age, backed up with real-world examples from the trenches.

Alex Eckelberry – Board member, advisor, formerly CEO of Sunbelt Software

Today it seems that everyone claims to be a social expert, but very few offer anything that will provide an “insightful edge.” Stephen’s book, Insightful Knowledge is packed with valuable information about how brands must evolve to engage with consumers directly. He provides a clear guide how to build deep, long-term relations with customers across multiple platforms. Insightful Knowledge is an invaluable guide for those who want to understand how social media evolved to where it is today, and how to utilize the medium for maximum effectiveness.

Danny Gutknecht – CEO and Co-Founder, Pathways TV

Social media is completely transforming marketing and Stephen Monaco provides the excellent road map required to navigate social marketing with precision. Insightful Knowledge is a must read for anyone in any aspect of business – from entrepreneurs to CEOs of the Fortune 500. Read this book now!

Dr. David Farnum – Founder and CEO, True North Technologies

There are a lot of so-called “social media gurus” out there, most are really Stephen Monaco wanna-bes! Involved and successful with online communities since the late 1980s, Stephen is finally sharing his real-world, time tested techniques and cutting edge advice, that will propel any mid-sized business to the next level by developing and growing a relevant social media presence. If your brand is important to you, Insightful Knowledge gives a thorough understanding of social marketing, its many benefits, as well as how to engage existing clients, and attract many, many more!

Dusty Meehan – Founder and CEO, eLumina Communications

Brilliant! With case studies, real world data, and world-class expertise, Stephen Monaco does more than pontificate about the power of social media. Insightful Knowledge lifts the veil to reveal how to strategically use social marketing to create the kind of engaging, purposeful social media presence required for long-term success.

Mindy Audlin – speaker, radio personality, and author of What If It All Goes RIGHT?

You can no longer sit back, relax and put your business on auto-pilot when it comes to social media. Creating a marketing calendar of automatic tweets, auto-responders and canned replies is not going to cut it when your competition reads Insightful Knowledge and takes their engagement to the next level.  Stephen Monaco is right on target with his understanding of social media, and if you don’t take his advice be assured your competition will. This is not just another theoretical book. By the end of it, you’ll know exactly what you need to do, and how to do it. Insightful Knowledge not only gives you the tools, it also teaches you how to use them to create an engaged community around your brand that will not only increase your bottom line, but add the soul factor to the life of your business. Prepare to engage!

Yifat Cohen – Googe+ Go To Gal

Building an army of fans across social media platforms is one thing. However, developing and maintaining consumers’ trust requires insight. When it comes time for these highly-engaged fans to make purchasing decisions or talk positively about your product, they’re willing participants because by engaging with them you’ve earned their loyalty.  Stephen’s Insightful Knowledge provides the principles and ideas to keep your social marketing fresh, relevant and amplified.

Robert E. Elliott – technology marketer & Chief Marketing Officer Smith Micro Software, Inc.

We thought we knew everything there was to know about social media marketing; however, Stephen Monaco teaches every reader several things, and then some.  Insightful Knowledge clearly demonstrates how social media marketing levels the playing field so little guys can compete, and illustrates why the bigger players need to pay attention. By using historical case studies to current success stories, Monaco assists you in understanding why you need to have your social marketing game on.  Develop, launch, evaluate, monitor and adjust…it is all here.  Like it or not, social marketing is now part of our mainstream strategies, and it’s in our best interest to become the best at it.  If you only read one book on social media marketing, make Insightful Knowledge that book. This really is a must read for all entrepreneurs, and the CEOs of any company, of any size.

Ken Johnson – CEO, Thinkubator, Inc.

Totally Awesome! Stephen Monaco offers a comprehensive guide to social media marketing in Insightful Knowledge. He changes perceptions on social media marketing and tell readers how to develop their marketing strategies. Since social media needs to be part of your marketing efforts, read this book!

Monica Cornetti – Leading Authority on Entrepreneurial Thinking, Author of Your Face Isn’t Finished Until Your Lipstick is On

As we progress further into the digital communications age, everyone from executives to artisans are re-evaluating the way they interact with others online. The information in Insightful Knowledge is a true gift from Stephen Monaco to anyone looking to make social marketing a permanent fixture in their corporate or personal brand. No entity is too large or too small for the bounty of information he offers. This book is a must-read for anyone who needs a fresh, game-changing perspective on their marketing strategy. 

Chris Sembower – Renowned Designer and Illustrator

Table Of Contents

How This Book Is Organized

Chapter 1 – What’s Past Is Prologue

Social media and online communities have existed much longer than most people realize.

Chapter 2 – Sweeping Changes in How Consumers Interact with Media

Enormous changes in how consumers interact with media led us to where we are today.

Chapter 3 – Internet Use Shifts Power to Consumers

Consumer use of the Internet and social media networks transferred all the power away from media conglomerates, companies, and brands, and put consumers in control.

Chapter 4 – Market Driven Companies

Why it’s necessary for companies to be market driven, and why this model leads to success.

Chapter 5 – Adaptive Marketing

Organizations need to continually learn, adjust and adapt to be successful with social media marketing.

Chapter 6 – Developing a Social Media Marketing Strategy

Developing social media marketing strategies that are in sync with organizational objectives.

Chapter 7 – Persistent Listening

Listening, social media monitoring, obtaining pertinent data from the social web, and helpful case studies.

Chapter 8 – Engagement

Practical advice on engaging consumers in meaningful dialogues via social media and real world examples of best practices.

Chapter 9 – Conversions, Metrics and Attributions

Conversions through social media marketing initiatives, metrics, attributions, and measuring information germane to your organization.

Chapter 10 – Brand Advocates

Importance of brand advocates, strategies to identify and energize them, and returns provided by brand advocacy.

Chapter 11 – Word of Mouth

How brand advocates drive positive word of mouth and their massive impact on driving consumer purchasing decisions.

Chapter 12 – Social Media and ROI

Setting attainable goals, focusing on related metrics, the return on relationships resulting from proper execution of social media marketing initiatives.

About The Author

Stephen Monaco, founder and CEO of Evolve Adaptive Marketing was instrumental in developing online communities back in the days of the BBS and CompuServe; more than six years before the web browser was invented. In 1987 he was using the strategies and tactics that are now considered best practices for social media marketing. Monaco led Datastorm Technologies from a raw start-up to $50 million in annual revenue. Datastorm experienced 40 consecutive quarters of profitable growth! Stephen’s marketing prowess was the driving force behind the world’s best-selling PC data communications program of all time, the software mega brand, ProComm, which was published in 11 languages and obtained 70% global market share.

His successful product positioning and pricing strategies from Datastorm Technologies are utilized as examples in the Instructor’s Resource Manual for Philip Kotler’s graduate-level college text book, Marketing Management.

Monaco graduated from the University of Wales – Cardiff, United Kingdom with a Masters in Business Administration with an emphasis in Marketing and eBusiness. The topic of his Masters Dissertation was on the analysis of the impact of the Internet and social media on mass media. Social media marketing is an area Monaco has been researching independently since 1997.

Today, Stephen Monaco works where high tech and integrated marketing intersect – driving strategies and leveraging digital media to effectively realize business goals for funded early stage ventures, mid-market firms, and large publicly-traded companies.

He is ranked in the Top 25 of the Global Top 100 Social Media Agencies & Consultants for 2013, and is consistently ranked highly as one of the top marketing experts to follow on Twitter. Within 72 hours of his presentation on Social Media Strategies at Digital Media Summit in Dallas in early December 2012, @StephenMonaco was the seventh most mentioned name on Twitter.

Stephen is a public speaker and has spoken on marketing strategy, social marketing, social media strategy, and entrepreneurism, at corporations, the Kauffman Foundation, colleges and universities, and large industry conferences alongside other thought leaders from Google, YouTube, Twitter, IBM, Dell, PepsiCo, AMD, Intuit, Omnicom, Travelocity, AOL/HuffingtonPost, Reddit, etc.

In addition to his blog and contributing to the American Marketing Association’s “Marketing Thought Leaders” he has written the columns “If You Mean Business” and “Show Me What’s Next.” His article on social media strategy and listening platforms, “Effective Strategies and Knowledge-Driven Decisions Increase ROI” was republished by Bloomberg / Business Week.

He hosts the weekly one-hour talk radio program, “Rockin’ Marketing and Social Media with Stephen Monaco” on the Everything Talk Radio Network. The episodes are of his show are available as podcasts on iTunes. Stephen has been a special guest of the “Panel of Pundits” on the “Silicon Spin” television program hosted by John C. Dvorak, and has been an on-air guest with Rick Dees on the internationally syndicated radio program, “Rick Dees and the Weekly Top 40.”

In his early career prior to joining the start-up Datastorm Technologies, Monaco held positions in marketing at Warner Bros. Television – International TV Distribution in Burbank, California, and the corporate communications firm Creative Communications Group in Dallas, Texas.

Book about social media marketing for business.

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