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Chapter Six of “Insightful Knowledge” – Developing a Social Media Strategy

insightful-knowledge-book-150x180It’s critical for organizations to create a plan for the strategic use of social media.  Developing such strategies requires vision and a thorough understanding of your primary business objectives.  Strategies don’t need to be complicated, but do need to be in place before any type of marketing initiative is initiated.

In this chapter you will learn the essential components for developing an effective social media strategy; including how to:

  • Define Your Organization’s Marketing Strategies and Objectives
  • Prioritize and Define Social Media Marketing Objectives
  • Allocate All the Necessary Resources to Ensure Success
  • Learn From Others’ Mistakes
  • Learn From Others’ Success

It will show you in-depth, creative and innovative examples of:

  • Social Media Marketing Goals and Objectives
  • Social Media Marketing Initiatives  
  • Ways to Track Your Success

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