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Marketing Strategy

I can serve you by surveying the competitive landscape to properly position your product and service offerings so its differentiators are compelling to consumers. I work with companies of all sizes across a number of categories to define cohesive strategies and conceptualize marketing campaigns, which result in dramatic improvements to their brand awareness, brand engagement, brand loyalty, as well as their growth and revenue. I’m experienced working with all components of the marketing mix, so marketing campaigns are fully integrated and efficiencies of scale are realized.

International Marketing

I have built a global brand with over 70 percent market share and established the international distribution apparatus. I have conceptualized and implemented a number of successful international marketing campaigns that increased global market share, and more importantly generated incremental income that increased earnings. With my experience in developing and managing a profitable brand around the world, companies can count on my expertise, insight and perspective to develop international brand strategies.

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Millennial Generation Marketing

I have a thorough understanding of the coveted “Generation Y” age group, their interests and short attention spans, and know what it takes to position brands for this enormous market — the largest generation of all time. I graduated with an MBA from University of Wales – Cardiff in the United Kingdom, and my concentrations were in the areas of in both Marketing and eBusiness. The topic of my Masters Dissertation was an analysis of the impact of the Internet and social media on mass media, with a special emphasis on The Millennial Generation.

Marketing Communications & Advertising

I have efficiently managed advertising budgets ranging from small guerrilla marketing campaigns to mulch-faceted global campaigns. In addition, I write a column for the Advertising Industry Newswire.

Branding & Identity

I have built a brand from a raw start-up into the best-selling product of all time in its product niche and made it a household name, re-branded and a 16-year old company with a a new, compelling position and messaging that resulted in monthly revenue surpassing any previous months in the company’s history.

Positioning & Messaging

I have 20 years experience developing compelling communication strategies for companies of all sizes across a variety of industries form solid underpinnings with cohesive, relevant messages that effectively resonate with target audiences. The product positioning and pricing strategies I devised at Datastorm are in the Instructor’s Resource Manual by Dale N. Shook, [ISBN 0-13-009437-4], published by Prentice Hall in 2003, which accompanies the Marketing Management – Eleventh Edition text book by Philip Kotler, and have been utilized as curriculum in graduate-level marketing courses.

PR & Media Relations

I have two decades of expertise in corporate communications companies across a variety of industries. I have been on more PR tours and press junkets than I can count, and have have secured international exposure for clients on radio, television, online and in print media. In addition, I have been retained by one of the world’s 10 largest PR firms to help them with their own public relations and business development.

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