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“Stephen Monaco has been one of the most influential characters in my career. Learning from his direction on product branding, pricing, and market strategies influences my decision process even today.  Stephen’s breadth of scope to understand both the top and bottom line in the US domestic market and international markets is something truly rare in my experience.”

John StrosahlVP of eBay, Inc.– Minneapolis, MN  (NASDAQ: EBAY)

“Stephen has a unique combination of technology industry experience, understanding & strategic marketing skills. He is highly skilled in using data to make solid strategic marketing decisions. Stephen is a strong writer and can take the high level recommendations and turn them into understandable tactical plans. As a person of strong character he is a pleasure to be around.”

Tracy PankoCEO, Spiral16, Inc. – Overland Park, KS

“Stephen’s passion is delivering marketing programs that can be implemented within a set of business objectives—he always seeks to differentiate the marketing message from the competition. His natural marketing abilities make it easy for him to assess the market place and develop strategies which achieve the desired objectives.”

Robert E. ElliottChief Marketing Officer, Smith Micro, – Los Angeles (NASDAQ: SMSI)

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“Stephen Monaco is a marketing genius…”

Rick DeesInternationally Syndicated Radio & TV Personality, Owner and Host of “Rick Dees and the Weekly Top 40” syndicated radio program. – Los Angeles

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Marketing expert Stephen Monaco in radio studio with Rick Dees.

Stephen Monaco and Rick Dees served together as members on the Board of Directors for V-Lite Video Corp. in Santa Monica, California.


“I had the privilege of working with Stephen Monaco on some recent collaborative projects with Evolve Adaptive Marketing. He is not only an achievement oriented and brilliant person to work with but also an inspiring and supportive team player. Stephen is a passionate, multi-skilled strategist with boundless energy. He is probably one of the best network colleagues I’ve ever met in my life and one of the smartest people I have ever worked with. When you get to connect with him, you’ll discover an amazing person with unique skills!”

Monica Cornetti, Co-Founder, BEvents – Dallas

“I’ve known Stephen Monaco since 2001. I worked with Stephen when he was the Chief Marketing Officer at an information security technology solutions company. Stephen is a smart and creative marketer, and one who’s tenacity and determination always leads to success. His intuitiveness is second-to-none. Stephen works hard to drive results while simultaneously having fun in the process. He is terrific at rallying teams toward common goals. I absolutely look forward to the next opportunity I have to work with him. I highly recommend Stephen to any organization looking for a marketer to drive their business forward.”

Scott Goldberg, Vice President, Technology & Business Practice, Edelman Public Relations Worldwide – Chicago

“I’ve known Stephen Monaco for nearly two decades. I’ve met a lot of marketing and strategic this, and strategic that kind of people, who rarely impress me or others in my company; but Stephen has always been one of those rare individuals who sees things a little differently than others. We’ve worked together on projects in several technology ventures. Without hesitation, I highly recommend Mr. Stephen Monaco to any company looking for marketing and business insight from a very unique and bright individual who has been at the pinnacle of success. You would be hard pressed to find another person with his level of marketing acumen, strategic thinking and ‘out of the box’ views.”

Ken Johnson , CEO, Thinkubator, Inc., – San Diego

“Stephen is a consummate professional with great experience and knowledge that can help you increase revenues and profits. He understands the importance of learning your business and objectives so that he can design impactful solutions. I highly recommend Stephen.”

Jack Shelton, Director, , The Conference Board – Dallas

“When one of our subsidiary companies needed to be re-branded and re-positioned to better compete against increased competition in the US market, Stephen Monaco was referred to us because of his track record of success. We retained Monaco in early 2009 for a nine month engagement not only to create a new corporate image and define our new marketing strategy, but to fully integrate Internet marketing and social media into our approach. After conceptualizing and executing his plan, the results Monaco generated more than exceeded our expectations. The revenue our company generated in January 2010 greatly surpassed that of any previous month in our 16 year history. Stephen Monaco’s expertise in the areas of strategic Internet marketing and social media marketing is remarkable. While he’s truly an expert, he has no ego and is very enjoyable to work with. I highly recommend him and encourage those who collaborate with him to take his advice.”

Steve Draisey, Partner, SCS of Kansas City, Inc. – Kansas City, MO

“While it is true that Stephen Monaco ‘…knows marketing like the back of his hand…’ his greatest strength may be in his ability to create meaningful relationships and build successful teams. Stephen has a very unassuming and sincere manner that allows him to genuinely get to know and bring out the best in everyone around him. He is a leader. Stephen also has an uncanny ability to not only seek and absorb new, state-of-the-art knowledge but be able to clearly apply it within the context of complex business opportunities. His insight and strategic thinking brings order to chaos. Although he has extensive experience as an executive in the high tech sector, his unique blend of interpersonal and technical skills is transferable to any industry. Great teammate!”

Bill Toepfer, Owner, Oak Business Solutions – Merriam, KS

“Stephen is a visionary leader combining his knowledge of technology with his marketing acumen to drive business forward often in uncharted situations and business models. He uses creativity and appropriate analysis to make decisions and take measured risks. If I had the chance to work with Stephen again, I would not hesitate.”

Wayne Neale, VP Global Business Development, SAP – Phoenix

“Stephen is the kind of leader whom everyone wants to work for, highly intuitive with razor sharp instincts, leading his teams to great success. I’ve always been amazed at how easily he can articulate very difficult and technical messaging to position a company at the top of any analyst’s heap. He is an outstanding leader to work for, fostering a healthy, productive and dynamic work environment, ensuring lots of teamwork and collaboration. I can’t say enough positive things about Stephen, until you get to know him you won’t know how gifted and genius he is”

Anne Kelly, Director of Marketing Communications, ERUCES – Lenexa, KS

“Stephen Monaco’s help for me and my company was a blessing. His marketing experience and expertise has given A Turnaround Group the tools to increase our business by helping others. I strongly encourage you to call Stephen for a no-nonsense practical approach when it comes to marketing a business.”

Kevin Houston, Owner, A Turnaround Group – Dallas

“I always look forward to being able to work with Stephen on a project. His perspective is always fresh and his ideas are well thought out. He is the guy that is most responsible for me figuring out how to use and measure the benefits of social media within my business. But that should have been no surprise Monaco has been espousing the benefits of social media marketing since well before Google was a verb”

Dr. David Farnum, President, VeriPrime Food Safety Cooperative – Estherville, IA

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“I’ve worked with Stephen on several projects during the dot com boom, in an editorial/journalistic capacity for an advertising industry e-magazine I publish, and the tech space in general, and he’s one smart fellow. He has brought me and my company some great projects through his wide family of friends and business associates, and I admire and trust the guy with my life. He’s always a first call for a new venture, is a true renaissance man, and is both funny and honorable, which are two things I consider vitally important for a friendship and any lasting business family.”

Christopher Simmons, CEO, Neotrope – Los Angeles

“Stephen Monaco brings a rare combination of skills to the table. He has an extremely creative mind and has conceptualized some of the best marketing efforts in software history. But it’s the combination of his creativity with solid business acumen that really sets him apart. Truly a unique person and skill set.”

Ronald W. Bower, CEO of Bower Consulting Services – Kansas City / Chicago

“I first met Stephen Monaco when we were both co-team leaders on a large project in Zürich, Switzerland. Stephen and I were able to develop an excelling working relationship on the phone before even meeting in person. Rarely have I had the privilege to work with such an accomplished and personable individual. It’s quite rare to find someone with as much expertise and success as Stephen has had, who’s still humble and truly down to earth. Stephen has tremendous business acumen, remarkable creativity, a charismatic personality and innate leadership skills; uncompromised personal integrity and traditional family values; combined with quick wit and a great sense of humor. I can’t even count the number of people who look to him to be their mentor. I trust Stephen for knowledgeable advice in a variety of marketing and business related fields. I heartily recommend Stephen Monaco and look forward to working together again!”

Lisa Adams, LA Consulting – Toronto, Canada

“Stephen Monaco and I started working together for the first time in early 2009. In the face of increased competition in our industry, Monaco surveyed the competitive landscape, accurately assessed the situation and developed salient messaging to strategically position to our company so our differentiators were apparent. He has been instrumental in a number of marketing campaigns for our company and his acumen has taken us a very long way in a short amount of time. Quite simply, Stephen is really, really good at what he does and exudes passion which is contagious to those around him – a real team player. An attribute which sets Monaco apart is his natural ability to expeditiously transition from thinking at the very high strategic level, to conceiving extremely creative concepts which serve as the foundation for the marketing campaigns he conceptualizes and implements. Monaco has the exceptional ability to apply his extremely creative way of thinking in his approach to effectively dealing with complex business matters. Stephen’s combination of creativity and marketing expertise put him a class of his own. I strongly recommend him with without hesitation and anticipate utilizing his services again.”

Kim Brooks, Partner, SCS of Kansas City, Inc. – Kansas City, MO

“I have worked together with Stephen Monaco at three different companies since 1990. He brings a rare combination of skills to the table. He has an extremely creative mind and has conceptualized some of the best marketing campaigns in the high tech industry. Although it’s the combination rock solid business acumen and creativity that really sets him apart. He’s an excellent manager, visionary, and natural-born leader.”

Neal Danner, Enterprise Architect, Ingenix, Inc. – Overland Park, KS

“I’ve known Stephen Monaco since 1990 when I worked for him at Datastorm Technologies. He has served as my mentor on many occasions over the years and always manages to make time for me. “Outside the Box” doesn’t even begin to describe Stephen’s creativity — his ‘color outside the lines’ type of thinking leads to original thoughts which he clearly articulates and effectively applies to complex business scenarios and real world situations. Unlike anyone else I know, he’s just naturally wired that way and makes it seem so easy. They broke the mold when they made Stephen Monaco. Even though he has an incredible track record of success and dizzying intellect, his soft-spoken, gentle nature makes him very approachable and the “go to” person for so many who need mentoring and guidance. He’s a natural born leader. You don’t often find people who’ve had Stephen’s level of success who are so humble and down-to-earth. He’s a self-made man who never lost touch with his roots. He is very grounded.”

Jami Clevenger, Marketing Consultant, Viral Marketing Concepts – Houston

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“I’ve known Stephen Monaco for many years. His first involvement with Foley Group was in the early ‘90s when our company called on him for his branding expertise. Since then, we’ve tapped into his knowledge for strategic advice on a number of diverse matters regarding our distribution channel, expanding our selling organization, contract negotiations, and on a variety of other important issues. Most recently, we called on Stephen for creative ideas to help generate awareness about our company’s 50th Anniversary in January 2011. He always comes through for us. Stephen is a true subject matter expert on all aspects of marketing, is very smart and confident, but doesn’t have a big ego. His work ethic and sense of humor makes him fun to work with and a pleasure to be around. He’s a real team player. I recommend Stephen Monaco with enthusiasm!”

Scott J. Denney, President, Co-Owner, Foley Group – Kansas City, KS

“I’ve known Stephen Monaco since 1996, when I was working at KIIS-FM radio station in Los Angeles. Since that time, I’ve had the pleasure of working with Stephen on a number of web-related projects. He understands how to use the medium as well as anyone I’ve worked with, and better than most.”

Craig Rogers, Independent Web Designer – Los Angeles

“During my 20+ years in business I have become a good judge of character and developed the ability to quickly separate the pretenders from those who are authentic. Within a few minutes I knew Stephen was the real deal!   Stephen is extremely smart and I’ve called on him when in need of extra brain power.  He has provided pearls of wisdom on topics as diverse as social media marketing, web design, public relations, advertising and guerilla marketing.”

Cindy Reynolds, Owner at Somerset Ridge Vineyard & Winery – Somerset, KS

“Stephen’s success as a leader is enabled by qualities including:   integrity, intelligence, intuition, passion, and drive.”

David Matthews, Sr. Software Engineer, Corillian Corporation – Portland, OR

“I had the privilege to work with Stephen on a consulting project, on which we both collaborated to create a variety of collateral including print and web material. He was able to add not only a high-level strategic vision to the entire project, but could dive into the details and assist in the finer points of the project. It was a real pleasure to work with him!  He made himself incredibly available to the team, and conducted himself with real selflessness.

Chris Sembower, Renowned Independent Designer & Illustrator – Kansas City, MO

“Stephen has been instrumental in helping develop the social media strategy and messaging for my firm.  He has an uncanny way of crafting messages in a way that clearly explains the client’s business model/practice.  The framework he establishes pushes clients to simplify the marketing message in a way that potential customers “get it” – Stephen is creative and innovative; I highly recommend his services.”

Laurie Kane, MBA, Ph.D., Founder & CEO, Talent Gardner, LLC – Dallas

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