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Social Media Strategist

As a Social Media Strategist, I work where high tech and integrated marketing intersect — driving global strategies and helping leverage new media to effectively realize business goals. I’ve been actively involved with engaging customers to build brand loyalty and provide support via online communities since 1987, (well before the World Wide Web), on CompuServe, Prodigy, GEnie and the most popular public Bulletin Board Systems, (BBS), ExecPC and The WELL. Since 1997, I’ve espoused the benefits of how building one-to-one relationships with customers is vital to the success of every business; and now social media marketing is a crucial component of the marketing mix. I work on social media marketing strategies with international publicly-traded corporations, mid-market firms, early stage companies, and funded start-ups.

Successful Social Media Requires Rock Solid Strategies

The myriad of benefits that result from the related data analytics derived from a social media presence are predicated on a rock solid strategy being in place.

Social media initiatives must begin with well defined strategies that are in sync with an organization’s overall goals. So many companies social media efforts stem from an “if we build it they will come” mentality, which is fundamentally flawed.

The strategy must come first, followed by the social presence; then social media monitoring, listening, engaging, learning, and adjusting should ensue.

“Listening” As a First Approach

Listening is the very best place to start.  Information from queries via the web, (the world’s largest unstructured data set), can be can be gathered, filtered and analyzed by social media monitoring / listening platform software, and expert practitioners like me, result in maximum insight for knowledge-driven decisions that lead to increased ROI.

Forward-thinking companies are getting organized, developing solid strategies, examining customers’ sentiments and perceptions, observing customers’ activities, and the activities of competitors.

They’re also engaging these customers in meaningful dialogues to better understand not only what they want, but what they actually value.

This is essential, because the continuous creation of value is imperative for brand engagement and relevance.

Irrelevance = Extinction
I graduated with an MBA from University of Wales – Cardiff in the United Kingdom, and my concentrations were in the areas of in both Marketing and eBusiness. The topic of my Masters Dissertation was an analysis of the impact of the Internet and social media on mass media, with a special emphasis on The Millennial Generation. The conclusion of my Masters Dissertation included recommendations on best practices to utilize social media marketing and social media monitoring to identify, engage and empower brand ambassadors on the social web.

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